Sabina Jacobsson and Jon Wang, 30. November – 5. January 2008

The White Tube, Oslo

The new exhibition at TWT, with works by Sabina Jacobsson and Jon Wang, consists of a series of photos that document two different interiors, an
office/family firm on Frogner in Oslo and a childhood home in an atrium house on Gotland. Both series show an intimacy and a fascination for
peculiar details. One can almost sense the presence of the people who inhabit these milieus. We start to play with the idea of what characters
reside in them. One can hardly find these interiors today and in one way Wang and Jacobsson´s work function as monuments over these disappearing

There is almost a sense of eeriness in Jon Wang’s work “The Office”, a series of photos taken the winter of 2005/06 while he himself was employed
there. On can feel a presence, as if we, the viewers, ourselves are being observed, through the venetian blind or behind a curtain. Maybe this
feeling is strengthened by the fact that this office, being in the family business for over 60 years, has acquired a strange mix of home and office.
According to Jon Wang a lot of the furniture and rooms were made to maintain a more homely atmosphere and cater for wellbeing rather than to
efficiency. It is in the intersecting point between home and work that Jon Wang has found his images.
Despite the fantastic colours, objects and details depicted in Sabina Jacobssons work “Kometgatan 3” the photos have a touching appearance,
almost heartbreaking. The images are taken from her childhood home, an atrium house in Visby, Gotland where her parents still live. The photos
show a home that seems untouched by time, a home where everything is as it always has been. Parts of the interior of the house have stood unchanged
since the 60ties.
Sabina Jacobson’s parents are getting old and it is uncertain how long the house will remain in the future. The starting point for this project is
this uncertainty and a wish to document her childhood home before it is too late.

“ I return to my childhood and recreate fragments of my memories. An upbringing in an atrium house in Kometgatan 3 where all the houses seemed
the same. After some time I started to notice that the photos strengthened my memories and gave me new ways of looking at the house. Everything seems
closer to me than it ever has been. I will continue this project with a series of photos of my parents”.

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