DRAMMEN OBSCURA - a portrait of a city

September 2016

In Drammen Obscura we look at photography and the city of Drammen new look. What is a photograph? What is a city? 
We blend old and new technology and invites the audience into a huge, black box, which is turned into the world's first camera: namely Camera Obscura. With a lens broken light and everything turned upside down. From the world's oldest camera moved we to today's digital representations of life. 
Photos are moments that immediately disappears, they remind us of what was and elapsed time. The walls are covered by the vivid fantasies of a city in fierce momentum into the future. 
Beautiful reflections on the community, love, memory, dogs and death alternates with the sound from the strings in electronic river scenery.

Brageteatret grabs one of today's major trends and hereby invites the audience into a sensual notion phenomenon photograph. Welcome to a unique experience that opens the mind and sharpens his eyes!