Soloshow 2016

About the gallery

Galleri 54 is an artist-run gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden. Group 54, formed in 1954 as a reaction to the Gothenburg art climate that was considered confined and conservative, runs the gallery.

The gallery has existed since 1959, and is run by a board consisting of 7-10 artists working in the Gothenburg area. The board members are replaced on a regular basis. Our primary task is to offer interesting and varied exhibitions showing local, national and international artists. Our aim is to offer artists a possibility to show their work and to fomulate their ideas without the commercial pressure and influence.

In addition to regular exhibitions, our programme includes Peepshow – a small window gallery outside by the street, Videoteket – a collection of video works accessible at the office in the gallery, and Andra Former – regularly evening events arranged as an alternative form of presenting and discussing contemporary art. We also mediate contacts and act to make artists working in Gothenburg more noticed nationally and abroad.



Galleri 54
Kastellgatan 7
413 07 Göteborg

Phone/fax: +46 (0)31-136830
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