In «The Truthfulness», Jacobsson dwells on colour, sound, movements and shapes. Bill Viola’s The Greeting (1995) and Jacopo Pontoromo’s Visitation (1529) works as melodically touches while Jacobsson directs determinedly. The sound lies as a shadow carpet in the background and we hear only this one, strong «RELEASE ME» as a clear whisper. Lust is addictive and you focus mostly on your own need for the other one to look at you, see you and touch you. But when the other one does no longer answer your approaches, and rather gives attention to another person, your lust is overshadowed by a painful loneliness.

2013; Phantom HD; 08:44

Directed & produced: Sabina Jacobsson
Sound: Anthony Barratt
Starring: Vitor Antonio Monico Truzzi, Karstein Solli, Marius Kjos

With support by Norwegian Artist Foundation